About VII

So, you want to know more about me, eh?

Well, to start, I was born in the NW corner of Louisiana, raised in a nuclear family with one younger sister. I was raised loosely Christian, spent nearly 14 years as a Southern Baptist. Late in high school, I started drifting to magick and witchcraft, which lead me to Paganism by way of Wicca.

I've been a "studying Pagan" since November 2005, and only recently, with my discovery of Pagan podcasts, have I been taking a more active role in my spirituality and magickal practice.

I went to college, became socialized, discovered magick, explored my abilities, partied, changed majors 5 times in 3 semesters, lost my scholarship, and was forced to drop out of college. A short version of an impressionable part of my life. I wound up back at my parents' house after a short year and a half of college.

As I've mentioned numerously in my podcast, Magick and Mundane, I did go to Basic Military Training for the Air Force in December 2007. I was in training for 3 weeks before I was sent to medical hold with a lumbar strain. I spent four and a half months there, where I was left with little else to do than get fat on vending machine goodies and inwardly explore myself. In April, I was sent home with mild scoliosis, and happily so, and I directly moved to South Louisiana, where I currently live.

Now, to the meat of my present. As I said, I live in South Louisiana with my boyfriend I refer to as Gray/Grey (much like the color, sometimes the spelling of his name gets interchanged. Sorry for any confusion!) with our three animals. Two cats: a wolfy-looking gray-striped trouble maker, Fenris, and a shy, cuddly, goofy ginger, Khaos; and a dog: Axe is a Border Collie/Yellow Lab/German Shepherd/Wolf mutt, who is young, dopey, and too destructive by half.

I work a part time job at a fabric store, and I am back at college, studying History and Creative Writing. Something I haven't mentioned much on the podcast or blog, I'm actually an aspiring writer, focusing on paranormal romance and a small smattering of poetry. I'm also in a lusty love affair with the arts and dabble in as many areas of them as I can, my two favorites being all kinds of storytelling and music.

Anything else you want to know? Shoot me an email at magickandmundane@gmail.com or tweet me at twitter.com/Eternal_7. I check them multiple times daily, thus is the quickest way to get in touch with me.