For your entertainment, and mine, here are some pretty, pretty pictures for you to look at. Enjoy!

  This is what VII actually looks like, microphone and all.
These are my big boys, Grey and Axe.
Khaos and Fenris at rest. Don't they look peaceful? Lies! And they always sleep funny.

See? Funny Fenris.
Khaos sleeping toe-touch.

My first attempt at painting since kindergarten. Not too shabby.
One of my images of the Goddess.
My first tattoo. Originally a cross, now it's an ankh. It represents my belief in reincarnation. It's above my left shoulder blade.

This tattoo represents me and my connection to the number seven. After drawing it there for years, I finally made it permanent on my 20th birthday.
This, my latest tattoo, has multiple meanings. The fleur-de-lis represents my love for my home state, Louisiana, and its French heritage. The lotus blossom is to commemorate the time in my life when I was finally discovering the beauty of myself despite the darkness and dankness I felt overwhelmed by. This tattoo is on my right shoulder, opposite my ankh.

That's all the photo-y goodness for now. I may post more at a later date.