Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Got The Music In You?

MM all!

I am preparing for the funtabulous monster that will be episode 5, the first in my M series. Out of all the episodes thus far, this is a topic I can really sink my teeth into: Music. I will elaborate more on my passion of music on the actual episode, but what I need today is YOU!

Well, your opinions anyway. I've asked for it before, but now it is essential. To make this episode the best episode it can be, I need input on the following:

1) What is YOUR definition of music? I do own a few dictionaries, so no recitations, please. I want your unadulterated opinion on what is music.

2) What kind of music do you listen to, and when and why do you listen to it? Take as much space as needed, b/c I have the curiosity of small child, and I will read it.

3) Do you use music in your magickal practice? What and why?

If you email me your responses, please specify whether or not you want your name mentioned.

I N-E-E-D, need this feedback, so please hold nothing back. I wait with bated breath!


1 comment:

  1. Hey 7! It's BennyLeeLost. I think your podcast is really great. Since you write poetry, maybe you write incantations? I love rhyming incantations, but mine always sound ridiculous - any hints? Keep up the good work.