Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Not Dead Yet!

MM everyone!

If you haven't already seen one of my most recent tweets (@Eternal_7), you probably haven't heard that I will not be attending the 2nd annual Pagan Podkin Super Moot in Salem in September. Personal issues have arisen and prevent me from raising the necessary funds to go.

These issues, sadly, are going to cause my episodes to take longer to come out. I am by no means quitting or pod-fading, just going to be slow. No promises, but I expect episode 5 to come out in July, if things have settled by then. June is about to be tumultuous, at best, for me.

So, don't think that lets all of you who haven't written me about music yet off the hook! I've gotten a few responses so far, but I need more! If you need to know what I'm looking for, please reference the previous blog entry.

Thanks again, to all of you who just started listening, and all those who've been with me from the start. You make doing this even more worthwhile!

Blessed be all!


P.S. I hereby nominate New Orleans for the location of PPSM3. That is all.

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