Monday, December 19, 2011


Hey everyone.

    I went on Facebook today, and one of my friends from high school had posted a link to a Good Morning America article about someone, assumed to be Pagan, in Michigan that posted letters on their neighbors mailboxes about how their Christmas light displays and various other Christmas traditions were Pagan in origin. Here's a link to the full article:

    After reading it, I found myself very disappointed with whoever was behind it. I don't like that this person felt it was necessary to 'educate' Christians on their own traditions, and, I really disliked their method. To be perfectly blunt, I think it was passive-aggressive, tactless, and beyond rude. I MIGHT have been able to understand if it were a Pagan trying to reach common ground with local Christians about tradition ancestry, but that's obviously not what's going on here. I feel the letter (from what of it I could read in the image attached to the article) displayed a "You believe (or don't believe) a certain way, and are, therefore, an uneducated idiot" mentality, and that pisses me off.

   Furthermore, the writer's tone seems to be condescending and patronizing, which, as I understand, is a common complaint many Pagans have about Christians. Of course, it doesn't help that the reporter and the letter receipiant she interviewed turned around with an equally condescending tone toward Pagans. Gee, that really helps our image... Honestly, I can't say I blame the GMA reporter for taking the spin she did (though, it is disappointing).

    The only thing else that I can say about it is this: EVERYONE is entitled to believe in what is right for them. Just because you believe differently doesn't give you the right to piss all over someone else's traditions. Whatever happened to being the change you wished to see in the world?

    Despite this, I still hope everyone has a Happy Holiday, no matter the holiday. Blessed be all.


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